Random Acts of Kindness Reach Victory Blvd. (Clark’s House of Flowers)

October 11th 2017 Clark’s house of Flowers is participating in Petal It Forward. It’s a positive experience movement in the floral industry that is making people happy. Clark’s House of flowers is surprising random people on the street with Flowers. The lucky recipients receive two bouquets. They keep one and share one with a friend. Petal It forward is a wonderful concept that is bringing smiles to peoples faces. That’s what flowers are supposed to do (make you feel good). Don’t be surprised if someone from Clark’s House of Flowers randomly hands you two bouquets. Just make sure you surprise someone with the second bouquet of flowers, and petal it forward! Leave it to Clark’s House of Flowers to help pioneer this feel good movement. They have been making people feel great since 1924. We are proud to have them as part of Victory Blvd. Merchants Association.








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