Salmon Real Estate has been a long-standing community business, and a member of the VBMA since it’s beginning. The agency started with Mr. Egon Salmon in 1956; who has since passed the business to his sons, Jon and Henry Salmon. The two brothers led the company for many years, bringing their team-focused, hands-on approach to their listings. Currently, Salmon Real Estate is owner and managed by Christine DeHart.

Salmon Real Estate has cultivated a boutique-style team of licensed real estate salespersons to continue their success throughout the years. Many of those team members can be seen outside of their building during our community events, chatting with community members and hosting fun activities for the kids. From the Annual Restaurant Stroll to our Halloween Trick or Treating event, the Salmon Real Estate team is always a welcome addition to our events, and a favorite of the children and adults alike.

Salmon Real Estate has a number of listings for residential and commercial properties for sale, rent, or lease. They also have apartment listings. They are now offering Real Estate properties for vacation homes. Salmon Real Estate is also offering relocation services that connect you with licensed real estate professionals all over the world. To see what properties are available from the Salmon Real Estate team, visit or call 718-273-1200.

For a full list of our members, visit our directory page or pick up a postcard or brochure at one of our member’s stores. Victory Blvd. Merchants Association is over 40 members strong and growing. Thank you for supporting your neighborhood.

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